What is included

All mechanical and electrical Components of the Vehicle are included, where they were supplied as part of the manufacturer’s original specification, other than the items listed as excluded below.

Optional additional items

The following will only be included if selected as optional additional cover items and the appropriate additional premiums paid. These will be shown on the Schedule.

Catalytic Converter only

The factory fitted catalytic converter is included for failure (Excludes, impact damage, corrosion, or the use of an incorrect grade or type of fuel).

Catalytic Converter with Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The factory fitted catalytic converter including diesel particulate filter (DPF) is included for failure (Excludes, impact damage, corrosion, or the use of an incorrect grade or type of fuel). Please note, the DPF is a serviceable item that requires regular regeneration. Please see the manufacturer owner’s manual for details.

Power Roof System

Factory fitted convertible power roof motors, solenoids and control ECU.

Manufacturer approved In Car Entertainment and Technology Packs

In car entertainment systems including; screens, radio, CD changer, TV, games console, iPad / iPod connections Bluetooth wireless packs, satellite navigation systems, USB interface, on board computer, voice control, alarm fob / immobiliser, parking camera.

Excluded Items

Bodywork, paintwork, light units, interior and exterior trim, seats, glass (including mirror glass), handles, hinges and fasteners. Workshop consumables and service/ maintenance items which includes, but is not limited to; exhaust systems, spark plugs, glow plugs, filters, brake and clutch frictional material, wiper blades and arms, drive belts, pipes and hoses, bulbs, batteries and fuses.

Any components listed as optional additional items above unless detailed on the schedule.

Working Materials

Where an authorised repair requires the replacement or topping up of oils, antifreeze or other fluids, or replacement of the oil filter, these costs will be accepted as part of the claim within the Claims Limit(s).

For the purpose of clarity:

Oil Seals & Gaskets

All oil seals and gaskets are included for sudden failure (except where the failure is due to Wear and Tear).